Tomorrow begins our Journey

I can’t believe its here!

Tomorrow starts my Nordic journey, and I’m so pumped! And also a little anxious about fitting all my stuff into one carry on. I’ve been pretty busy planning and making sure everything is ready to go for our trip, so the blogs been a little bit of a ghost town, but prepare yourselves for the stream of content you are going to receive.

We’re driving to Chicago tomorrow and staying the night at a Park & Fly so we don’t have to worry about O’Hare parking (and also to ease my anxieties about getting stuck in Chicago traffic).

I’m almost all packed – with the exception of a few small items that will go in my bag last minute. I almost forgot to pack pajamas but then remembered right as I was trying to go to sleep last night. Other than that I don’t think I’ve forgotten anything major. I’m very proud of myself for my minimal packing. Don’t worry, there will be a whole How – To on minimal packing later.

I’m so excited and it doesn’t feel like the trip is starting tomorrow. To stay on top of our trip follow Untouristed Travel on Facebook or @untouristedtravel on Instagram.  You can also follow me @hanscolmer or by #hansnordicjourney



Photo by Krisjanis Mezulis on Unsplash

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