Where to go next? My top 10 places I want to visit

I’m always planning ahead, and thinking about future trips is no exception. I leave for Norway in August, and I’m already thinking about other places I want to go next! The travel bug is real, people. So I’ve compiled a list, well actually two lists – my top 5 international trips to take, and my top 5 domestic ones.

Note: Number 1 on each list is the place I’d like to visit most

Let’s start at home in the States


5. Colorado – I’d only been west of Missouri in May of this year, so now most of my US travel dreams are fixated out west. I’ve heard amazing things about the nature, and I’ve heard Denver is a really cool city to visit.

4. Southern California – Our last trip to California took us as far south as Monterey, but I’d love to see LA, San Diego and Joshua Tree to name a few things. I think the desert landscapes are beautiful, this would give me a chance to check them out, and I’ve heard San Diego especially is an awesome city.

3. American Samoa – US territories count! But for real, have you seen the photos of Samoa? They look amazing. And you don’t need a passport to go. I’d love to be able to hike and snorkel in a place like that – I’m sure the wildlife is incredible. It’s also uniquely different to most places in the US, so there’d be an opportunity to experience and learn about a new culture.

2. Seattle and the Northwest Coast – Another spot in the US that I’ve never been to, and I actually enjoy grey, rainy days. I’d love to visit Seattle in particular and get to do some hiking around Washington and Oregon in some of the major parks.

1.Utah – Some of you might be confused right now. But I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about Utah. There are several national parks – Arches, Zion, Bryce Canyon, Bears Ears, that I am dying to see (before the government destroys them by drilling). Everyone I know who’s been there or lived there has said I have to visit – that its a really unique place in the states to go to.

Now let’s fasten our seat belts and go abroad.

5. Croatia – Croatia looks like a Mediterranean paradise. I feel like I could spend so much time exploring the islands and coasts. There are also several national parks I’d love to visit. It’s not an area of the world I know a lot about, but I know that there are lots of different cultures that come together. It seems like it would be a diversifying experience.

4. Cambodia – Cambodia’s ancient history is super interesting, and I would really like to visit some of the Khmer ruins like Angkor Wat. Most of my travel experiences so far have been to Europe and around the US, I would really like the chance to experience cultural immersion outside of “the west”, if you will. I’d also like to visit someplace tropical, as I’ve never done that either.

3. Argentina – I’ve heard great things about Argentina from people who’ve been, and I personally would love to do some hiking in Patagonia and go to Tierra Del Fuego. It’s such a big country that I’m sure there’s unending things to do there. Cuturally, I’ve heard things are pretty diverse which would be interesting to experience. I’d also like to be able to taste some good Malbecs.

2. New Zealand – New Zealand attracts me for a lot of the same reasons Iceland has: It’s remote, has a landscape not found anywhere else on Earth, it has a diversity of cities and terrains, and of course, is featured in one of my favourite films. (Lord of the Rings, in case you hadn’t figured it out). I would love to explore the south fjords, some of the national parks, and Cape Reinga, to name a few things. Not going to lie though, I’d like to see some Lord of the Rings stuff too. Stay in a hobbit house? Yes please.

1. Faroe Islands – Not your first guess, right? It’s this small archipelago between Norway and Iceland that my sights are set on. Although technically under the Kingdom of Denmark, the Faroe Islands have their own language and culture and act fairly autonomously. Why do I want to go here more than any other place? To hike and explore. It’s similar to Iceland in that it has some of the most unique, drastic landscapes I’ve ever seen. Particularly Sørvágsvatn, the lake on the cliff, and the Drangarnir sea stacks are places I want to go to. I’d also like to visit the capital of Torshavn and get to meet some new people and experience the local culture.

That’s my top 5 of each! One day I’ll get to each of them. What’s your top travel destination and why?


Photo Credits:

Colorado – Photo by Mike Scheid on Unsplash

Joshua Tree – Photo by Jayma Leavengood on Unsplash

American Samoa – Photo by Chor Hung Tsang on Unsplash

Seattle – Photo by Zhifei Zhou on Unsplash

Monument Valley, Utah – Photo by Robert Murray on Unsplash

Croatia – Photo by Jonathan Smith on Unsplash

Cambodia – Photo by Cristian Moscoso on Unsplash

Argentina – Photo by Diego Jimenez on Unsplash

New Zealand – Photo by Adam Edgerton on Unsplash

Faroe Islands – Photo by Marc Zimmer on Unsplash

7 thoughts

  1. I would love to visit these places as well! The Northwest is definitely worth a trip if you know where to go. I would recommend going up to British Columbia as well as while you’re in the area. Both are amazing in my experience.

    Great site btw!


  2. I’ve heard Arsenic City is a nice place to visit…. seriously there’s still a lot up there I haven’t seen. But if you need a travel partner I’m in ( except Cambodia). Great writing btw.


  3. Wow! Love this breakdown of places on your list of future travels! The only problem is it makes me want to book a flight today! Haha. Hopefully, my nex few places will be some of Southeast Asia and Australia!


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