Iceland Add-On 2018

I am over the moon.

Not only are we planning an amazing trip to Norway in a month, but we’ve decided to spend three days in Iceland on the way back!

Iceland has been one of my top destinations for a while now, and I’ve been vigorously researching stuff we want to do. We’ve booked our Airbnb – which is right next to Þingvellir national park with (hopefully) great views of the northern lights. Have I mentioned how much I love Airbnb? We’re also renting a car so that we can explore on our own time.

Here are (some) things we’re hoping to do while in Iceland:

  1. Explore Reykjavik, check out Hallgrímskirkja, Harpa, and the Sun Voyageur, all while exploring a unique, artistic place.
  2. Try the Icelandic National Dish, Hakarl – which is Fermented shark that’s been buried in the ground and hung to dry.
  3.  Check out some old Turf Homes
  4. Visit the Black Sand Beach at Vik – Black sand and cool rocks!
  5. Swim in the Blue Lagoon – Some tourist attractions are worth visiting.
  6. Explore the Golden Circle – Looking forward to hiking and seeing some amazing landscapes and waterfalls!
  7. Climb some (small) mountains to see the top of the world
  8. Enjoy ourselves, meet some cool people, and learn about Icelandic culture from locals.


We leave for our trip in less than a month now – it doesnt even seem real! If you’ve been to Iceland, comment what your must – sees are!


Photo by Jonatan Pie on Unsplash


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