Next Stop: Norway!!

I am so excited to be traveling to Norway at the end of August! It was at the top of my list for places I want to see. I’m eager to see the beautiful landscapes and fjords I see in pictures. We’ll be flying to Stavanger first, spending a few days there, and then going to Oslo, where we’ll stay until it’s time to fly home. It seems so far away, but when you think about it in terms of trip planning, it’s really not, so I’ve started to plan some things for myself to help when the time gets closer. I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve been doing to prepare for my trip.

Consider my spending – I’m not a student traveler anymore, so I’m not confining myself to a Ramen diet (thankfully) but I am looking at where I can save since I know I’ll be spending more on food, activities, and potential souvenirs. Shopping and eating out are two things I’ve cut down on to help. I’ve also been more considerate about the groceries I buy, so that I’m not wasting anything. Sometimes its hard, because I really want to do a therapeutic TJ Maxx run some nights. So I just try to picture what that 30 dollars I spend could buy when I get to Norway. That usually helps. If visualization doesn’t work for you (which it doesn’t always for me), I started something called the “Rep Rule” for myself. Basically if I get the urge to shop or get takeout I have to do five reps of my five least favourite exercises. Burpees and planks are always on there and I change the other three up. For me it’s a good way to channel that urge into something productive (and free).

Cleaning out my Closet – Even without an upcoming trip, I’ve been trying to live with less stuff. I recently did a pretty solid closet cleanup (although I still could work on some parts of it). And luckily for me, there are some solid secondhand stores close to me that buy clothes for cash, so I was able to get some money. Win – win. And as far as traveling goes, I’m a notorious overpacker. I thought that with a more limited wardrobe that has lots of pieces that match, it would make it harder for me to want to overpack. Plus I’m either only carrying on for this trip or splitting a checked bag, so I need to be very considerate of what I bring.

Learning the Language – I know, everyone in Norway speaks English. But for me, it’s important to learn about their culture and language before I go over. Plus I thought it might be a good idea to know a few key things like “Thank you”, “Where’s the bathroom”, or “Help we’re lost tourists”. I hope we don’t have to use the last one. Its been interesting to learn so far, and I was surprised how close a lot of it is to English. Although they do come from the same language family so I guess it’s not that surprising. I’ve been using Duolingo, which I think is good if you want to learn basic phrases and words for free.

Reading, Reading, Reading –  It’s a good thing I like to read because I’ve been doing a lot of it on Norway recently. I’ve been scouring the internet looking for new information on culture and cool things to do. So far we’ve found some interesting hikes and beaches that we want to check out. In the Untouristed mindset, I’ve found that more research is required, instead of just going to the front page of TripAdvisor. But when you get to experience cultural immersion I think it’s totally worth the extra work.

Reaching out to Others – It kind of goes in with the last point, but I’ve been reaching out to people I know from Norway or who have been there to get their opinions on what they like to do when visiting. Even asking questions on Reddit where the internet is your audience has been helpful in figuring out what to do. Everyone I know is really excited to share their experiences and help others have a fun time while traveling, so I try to take advantage of my wealth of knowledge close to me.

Making a Master To Do List – I make lists for everything. My blog posts are definitely very  list-y. It’s what helps me stay organized, so I’ve been trying to curate a master list of things that I need to bring or ask about for the trip. One of the top things on my list is getting a new pair of black ankle boots. I had a nice leather pair that I loved, but I wore holes in the soles. Maybe I loved them a little too much. But since it’s on the list now I can be on lookout online or at work for a pair. It’s small for now, but it’s growing everyday.

That’s what I’ve been trying to do for now to get ready for my trip. Do you have any tips of your own for travel? Comment or message me and let me know!


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