The Journey Begins…

Well, here I am.

After picking at the layout of the site and frustrating myself with what wordpress does and does not want to do, I am finally writing. I’m almost at a loss for what I should write about now that I’m finally starting this new blog, and I’ve decided to just give an intro to anyone who may stumble upon it.

My name is Hannah, I’m a full time graphic designer, part time travel enthusiast. It’s my favorite hobby, and I balance it with a full time job that I love. I wanted to write about cultural experiences and immersion while traveling, things that you don’t have to go that far for in my opinion. It’s not feasible for me to travel months out of the year ( Those student loans won’t pay back themselves), so I try to discover new places close to home in Michigan. For me, the Untouristed spirit is unaffected by location, it’s more about the attitude of wanting to discover more and try new things. I don’t want anyone who reads this think that they can’t be part of the Untouristed movement just because they don’t have the means to travel. Taking a day trip to somewhere you’ve never been, attempting a new activity or trying a new type of food are all little things you can do to be a little more Untouristed. And if you take one thing from this, remember to be present. It really makes the little moments feel like so much more.

I am very excited to start sharing my Untouristed journey with you.


3 thoughts

  1. You are a lovely young soul Hannah. I like how you write but especially how you see life. Good parents you have. 😘 I will enjoy your journey too. Please be safe.
    Your Mom’s friend Sue K. πŸ’•πŸ™πŸ‘


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